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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NFL Draft Prospects -- THE BRUTAL INJURIES ... In Alleged Nightclub Beatdown

You're looking at the battered face of the man at the center of the NYPD assault investigation involving 2 NFL draft prospects ... and it's clear, the guy took a helluva beating.

Justin Bieber -- Taquitos Muy Bueno Quando Estoy Drogado

We don't know for sure if Justin Bieber was stoned Sunday ... who are we kidding, he dropped more than $240 on fast Mexican food -- of course he was.Justin and crew rolled up to celebrity hotspot Pinches Tacos on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood…

Leonardo DiCaprio -- Manhandled like a Bitch ... At Coachella

Forget dancing lessons, Leonardo DiCaprio needs SPARRING lessons -- because his friend made easy work of him during a play fight at Coachella this weekend ... and the video is hilarious.Leo was hanging with friends at Diddy's Revolt party Sunday --…