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Friday, March 6, 2015

Chris Brown Wanted Baby With Karrueche Tran For Years

Chris Brown wanted Baby Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown has apparently been begging Karrueche Tran to have his baby for years – but she always said no.

As Popdust previously reported, Karrueche dumped Chris after news broke that he had a nine-month-old baby girl with one of his side chicks.

It turns out Chris wanted a baby with Karrueche for a long time, but she had enough sense to refuse until he could make a real commitment to her, reports TMZ.

Sources reveal the couple seriously talked about kids for the past two years but Karreuche doesn’t believe in having children outside of marriage, plus she didn’t want to put her acting career on hold (um what?).

Seriously though, if there are any genetics that don’t need to be passed down it’s Chris Brown’s. Karrueche dodged a real bullet there… good luck to the side chick.

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The Blacklist Recap—Red Is Up For Auction And Tom Keen Is Back!

Blacklist Russian Roulette Tom Keen Back

There’s only one thing you’ll care about on this week’s episode of The Blacklist Tom Keen’s back!!!

With so many unanswered questions and loose ends to tie up, let’s get down to the business at hand, shall we?

Red and Lizzie’s blacklisters were the Kings, an uber wealthy family who makes a good chunk of their money selling illegal contraband—from uranium to people! One of those people, according to Red, was Madeline Pratt.

Red finds Madeline, but that bitch was working with the Kings to lure Red in and he was kidnapped and taken prisoner by Francis King. The plan was for Francis to use Red to outsell his brother Tyler in a sick competition culminating in a game of Russian Roulette.

While all this was going down, Lizzie had arrested a woman named Josephine Sullivan who was planning on attending the King’s auction to buy some stolen art. Josephine also told Lizzie the secret password she was supposed to use to check into a hotel and gain access to the auction. Lizzie went to the hotel pretending to be Josephine, but found herself at a parking space (not a hotel room) where she was drugged and driven off to the secret auction location.

When she finally got to the auction, she was shocked when she realized that Red was for sale! Soon after, Yibari from Season 2 showed up intending to buy Red as an act of revenge, and Lizzie was forced to blow her cover and start bidding for Red herself. Yibari ended up buying Red for $18 million.

Soon after, Lizzie went to the holding area to try to free Red. She was unable to save him, but she did escape with a little boy who was also up for auction.

Yibari came in and told Red that there’s a $40 million bounty on his head in Johannesburg, and that he intends to take his head (and only his head) back to South Africa with him. But just as Yibari was about to pull the trigger on Red’s head, Lizzie saves the day and takes Yibari OUT!

Red and Lizzie then disrupted the King’s game of Russian Roulette, killed daddy Earl King and arrested all the others.

Now for the most exciting part of the show…TOM! He popped up briefly at the beginning of the episode when he called Lizzie to inform her that he would be coming out of hiding to go undercover, though he wouldn’t say where or what. All we know is that he was getting tatted up with Nazi related tattoos and shaving his head.

At the end of the episode, we saw skinhead Tom starting a fight in a bar in Germany then being welcomed by a group of Neo-Nazis.

What did you think of this week’s The Blacklist? Sound off in the comments below!

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AJR Burst Open In Their Kaleidoscopic ‘Living Room’—Album Review


AJR ‘s long-awaited debut album Living Room (written/produced/recorded in their New York City abode) is an ambitious endeavor that shakes and rattles the bars of EDM-splashed giddy-pop. Submersed in cavernous rhythmic-bass and SpongeBob-doused youthful vitality (as on the lead single I’m Ready and later the watery Livin’ on Love), the 13-track record zooms at the speed of light—along the way it absorbs the Beach Boys’ and the Beatles’ sonic deliveries but with a fun. polish (Infinity, The Green and the Town).

Throbbing with choral chants—as on the towering My Calling, the penetrating synth-anthem Pitchfork Kids and the hand-clapping The World Is a Marble HeartLiving Room measures the human experience: probing romance, the aftermath of heartbreak, overwhelming loss and the desire to achieve greatness. Adam, Jack and Ryan have a way to go, but for a self-funded DIY effort, the blistery and sometimes meteoric album is fearless. There are big ideas tingling throughout, from the earth-shattering Overture to the folk-focused, Ed Sheeran -hinged closer Growing Old On Bleecker Street, even if a few tracks don’t sparkle quite as brightly as the rest (Thirsty, Big White Bed).

Woody Allen is an unfortunately blunderous and clunky misstep on an otherwise admirable record. Even discounting the controversy plaguing the accomplished producer and director, the track ineptly attempts to compare a new lover with the legendary creative powerhouse—and it doesn’t even make any sense. The musical vibrancy, for all its good intentions, fails to elevate the lyrics above average. What’s most frustrating is the trio’s indisputable talent throughout the rest of the album, especially on the bombastic and dramatically splendid Big Idea (a Skrillex-activated chronicle of their lives from street performers to recording artists). When the indie-pop band AJR are astonishing, they are astonishing, breathtaking even.

Must-Listen Tracks: I’m Ready, My Calling, Pitchfork Kids, Big Idea

Grade: 3.5/5

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The post AJR Burst Open In Their Kaleidoscopic ‘Living Room’—Album Review appeared first on Popdust.

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