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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It Looks Like ‘Pretty Hurts’ Is Probably Beyonce’s Next Single

After causing controversy with the sex-soaked “Partition,” Beyonce’s ready to play it safe again with what looks set to be the next official single from her self-titled album, “Pretty Hurts.”

Although nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, the music video has just been sent out to MTV alongside new singles from Alicia Keys and Nizo & Vinz, making it the likely next single from Beyoncé.

Although Bey’s somehow listed as co-writer and co-producer of “Pretty Hurts,” the song was actually written and produced by Sia and Ammo, who shopped it around to other pop artists before it landed in Mrs. Carter’s lap. Sia offered it directly to Katy Perry first, but Perry forgot to check her e-mail and missed it, before Rihanna’s team later got their hands on it but failed to pay the fee to secure the track after sitting on it for 8 months.

Ultimately, we think it ended up with the right person. Katy already had her token urban track for Prism with “Dark Horse,” while Rihanna usually sticks to edgier music these days, setting radio trends rather than following them like King Bey does.

So far “Drunk In Love” has been the only genuine hit from Bey’s latest album, but due to its radio-friendly production “Pretty Hurts” could definitely become hit No. 2.

[Via Hits Double Daily]

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“The Voice” Recap – Shakira is En Fuego on Stage but Unlucky In Votes

Well, here we go. Tonight, two of our top 12 are going home, and it’s going to be sad. We’ve got an action packed night, with Blake and Adam both performing with their teams, and Shakira taking the stage to inspire insecurity among women everywhere. Plus, this season brings back the Twitter instant save, but with the addition of a last chance performance. That is a whole lot for one hour, so naturally we’re going to skip the recap because it was just last night and — OH no of course we aren’t. In a surprise twist, all the coaches thought their teams performed really well last night.

First to the stage is Adam Levine, joined by Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice and Kat Perkins. They’re singing Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, and Adam doesn’t even bother leaving his earpiece in for a second, because he is a PROFESSIONAL, DAMMIT. This is a cute performance. It’s simple and fun, and everyone sounds great. Adam really does have a strong team… then again, who doesn’t this season? Everyone gets a moment to shine in this performance, although Delvin is the one to shine for me this round.

Not wasting any time, we’re jumping right into the first two safe artists of the season. The first person moving on to the top 10 is… Team Usher’s Josh Kaufman. No shocks there. Joining him is Team Adam’s Kat Perkins.

After the break, we check in with the judges who – and you’re not going to believe this – all want their artists to survive the live eliminations.

And with that brief interlude, it’s time for two more saves. America’s votes have saved… from Team Shakira… KRISTEN MERLIN! Oh thank heavens. Sure, she probably got some pity votes, but poor Kristen has had almost no screen time and she 110% deserves to be here so I will take it! The next person moving on to the top 10 is Team Blake’s Audra McLaughlin. Her dad could not be more excited. THIS IS ALL SO STRESSFUL.

Thankfully, we get a brief reprieve from the high stakes to watch and listen to Shakira be an absolute goddess as she performs Empire. There are flames on stage and Shakira is a mad woman and this is all the stuff of dreams. I mean, sure, there’s some aggressive lip syncing at times, but also this is Shakira and she’s perfect and don’t you dare say otherwise. Also this is a killer song and I cannot wait to scream it at karaoke in the not so distant future.

So who else is moving on to the next round? From Team Adam, Delvin Choice, and from Team Blake, Jake Worthington.

Blake Shelton is on stage now, singing Put Some Drive In Your Country by Travis Tritt. . It’s a fun one, with Blake and Jake playing guitar, and Sisaundra and Audra grooving on the side lines. It’s not the most amazing vocal performance I’ve ever heard, but whatever, that’s not really what these are about. I will say it must be hard to be Sisaundra, singing her heart out along side her two safe teammates, knowing for a fact that she’s a technically better singer than either of them could hope to be. Still, fun! Sure!

OK here we go. Three more artists will be safe before the Twitter save. The three are… Bria Kelly, Christina Grimmie and Sisaundra Lewis. Oh thank heavens. I was going to have to riot if Sisaundra Lewis got sent home round one.

That means that TJ Wilkens, Dani Moz and and Tess Boyer are singing for tweets.

TJ Wilkens is first up, singing Edwin McCain’s I’ll Be. He’s so sweet, and he does sound really lovely on this song, but at the same time, it would be so sad for Shakira to be down to only one artist this early, so there’s a tiny part of me that is rooting against sweet TJ. Still, he does a great job and he is so lovely, and I’m sure he’ll be just fine no matter what happens tonight because he’s a charming, nice person.

Dani Moz is singing Adele’s Turning Tables. She sounds amazing. I’m not sure why she didn’t sing this song last night, because it’s really good for her voice, and she manages to do it without sounding like an impression. This is definitely a worthy performance, and I’m sad to see Dani on the chopping block.

Tess Boyer is singing Kelly Clarkson‘s Dark Side, a song I am not familiar with even though I adore Kelly Clarkson. I know, I’m an embarrassment. This is kind of a weird choice for a last chance song, since it’s more pop-y and less show-offy. Also the fraudience is RUINING LIVES with their clapping. It’s aggressive and loud and I commend Tess for not screaming “SHUT UP” in the midst of her performance. Even with the clapping, though, you can still hear Tess’s chops, and she’s definitely got em. I’m here for the ladies tonight.

During the commercial break, there’s a constantly fluctuating tracker showing the percentage of votes each artist has and it is so intense. I don’t even really care that much about any of the people in the bottom three (beyond wanting the best for Shaks always) and I am a wreck during this. I am not looking forward to the level of anxiety that will come when a favorite falls to the bottom.

After the break the results are in. Twitter has saved Tess Boyer. So long TJ and Dani! You’re both delightful human beings and I wish you the best!

See you next week for the Top Ten!

The post “The Voice” Recap – Shakira is En Fuego on Stage but Unlucky In Votes appeared first on Popdust.

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