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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why You Should Be Getting Your Wine Delivered— Think Netflix for Wine


Unless you’re really into wine, the thought of joining a wine club probably never crossed your mind. Yet Tasting Room by Lot18, the fastest growing wine club in the nation, has become a big hit (particularly among millennials) because it’s changing how wine is sold. This innovative service provides access to more fine wines, educates you about the wines you like best, and sends you wine they know you’ll enjoy based on your experiences with each bottle. It’s kind of like Netflix, i.e. “because you chose light citrus dry whites, here’s a bottle of Gruner Vetliner you’re likely to enjoy,” and it’s pretty sweet.

To discover which wines are best suited for you, Tasting Room sends over mini tasting-size bottles of wine for you to sip and rate, which is when the fun begins. After receiving your tasting kit, log on to the site to take the survey that pits the wines against one another. Based on your ratings, Tasting Room’s algorithm makes informed wine selections for you. You can also rate subsequent shipments so Tasting Room becomes smarter over time. Their algorithm also generates your Wine Profile which tells you which wines you tend to gravitate towards, as well as the regions they come from and the foods they pair well with.

As an added bonus, Tasting Room is fairly affordable. The tasting kit costs $9.95, and the wines on their site are priced at a discount to members. Plus, every bottle comes with a satisfaction guarantee so if you ever receive a bottle that doesn’t suit your palate, they’ll issue you a wine credit with which you can purchase another bottle from the extensive (and yummy) collection on their website. After tasting a broad selection of wines on the site (perhaps one too many each Friday afternoon), Popdust recommends Tasting Room without hesitation.

UPDATE: The awesome team at Tasting Room is extending a special discount just for our readers. Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for $6.95 (originally $39.95)!

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Kim Kardashian Is Tired Of Your Fat-Shaming


Kim Kardashian reveals in a new interview that the fat-shaming she endured during her first pregnancy has left her a changed person. She used to smile and enjoy being out and about when pregnant with North, but now she anticipates criticism and refuses to smile for the cameras.

Kim confesses to longtime friend Amanda De Cadenet that her weight gain with North was due to preeclampsia, which causes swelling and water-retention.

I couldn’t help it, and everyone would say, “She can’t stop eating.” I delivered at 180, and they were like, “She’s 210 pounds. She’s getting dumped because she’s too fat” and all these ridiculous stories. It really took a toll after the fact, when I was losing weight. I gained 50 pounds, and it’s tough to get it off.

Kim also blames some of the ridicule she encountered on her stylists at the time:

They wanted me in really outrageous things, and really fashion-y things. It probably wasn’t the time to be experimenting. After that, Kanye and I were just like,  ‘Let’s do it ourselves.’

So that’s why Kim looked like a floral couch at the Met Gala, remember? It wasn’t her fault.

Now, she has found her own pregnancy style, which consists of skintight dresses and bodysuits in neutral colors, topped with flimsy overcoats to cover her expanding assets, ahem.

Do you feel sorry for Kim? Is it wrong to make fun of a pregnant woman, even if she’s a reality star who seeks publicity? What about this, then?

jessica simpson weight

I would never fat-shame a pregnant women but sometimes you just have to laugh.

Okay, I’m sorry, we can’t laugh.

And if we try really hard not to, maybe Kim will smile again.


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